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Long lasting, positive change for your home

Most of us experience feelings of both excitement and overwhelm when it gets to changing or updating our homes. Where do we begin, will it work, what if I don’t like it? I can’t see the bigger picture!

Be it a first conversation or a plan for a bigger project our interior design and decoration services are essential to the success of any project.

Our experience allows us to be unique in our approach, knowledgeable in how we support our clients and confident in our creative and practical ideas.

We know that our insightful way of leading our clients and successful resultsbring as real sense of well-being to all our customers.

Interiors by Georgie is an interior design and decoration company that has a particular focus on well-being. We are based near Brighton, West Sussex. Tell us what’s on your mind, we’d love to hear from you.



It feels wonderful to make changes to your property.

Ideas coming to fruition, new kitchen, space for the family, favourite colours the list is endless.

All too often I notice feelings of worry, overwhelm, a sense of I should be able to do this myself and is this going to be money well spent?

From my experience, the positive and long lasting changes that come from completing a redecoration or renovation project fills people with a real sense of joy, accomplishment and well-being. More


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It matters where therapy is carried out.

Clients respond to expectations. By having a well thought through and inviting workspace we are setting up a work session to be collaborative, supportive and respectful.

Does your treatment space reflect your sense of care, your knowledge and experience and the feeling of well-being that you would like for your clients?  More

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