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Creativity Takes Courage

Henri Matisse said “Creativity Takes Courage” Without delving into the creative process, the risk is that you end up with something very  ‘vanilla’, off the shelf, someone else’s vibe. Maybe it doesn’t matter, but I tend to think that when a client has gone to the lengths of planning and affording a property renovation, then […]

It’s all about cushions isn’t it?

It’s all about cushions isn’t it? My latest blog was inspired when someone in the building industry brushed off interior design saying “it’s all about cushions, isn’t it?”. Then an existing client in amazement commented,  “I had no idea of the level of detail involved, we are very lucky to have you”. So, I have […]

Don’t feel held back

It’s a new year – don’t feel held back! Coming home to a space that is everything you want and need it to be is the best feeling. To love your home and to look forward to spending time there, by yourself or with friends and family, is how it should be. Most of the […]

Showcase – Art Art Art

Going back to her roots After 10 years of working as a commercial illustrator, Hove resident, Jessica Ford has gone back to her roots and back into the studio, producing large scale canvases. [beautifulquote align=”full”]Her bold, abstract, colourful paintings are inspired by the natural landscape and the ever changing seasons. [/beautifulquote] Jessica was raised in […]

The changing face of ‘home’

I’m working from home as I write this blog… In recent years, my home has become my work place and occasionally it’s my partner’s too. Two of us working from home but only one office. My office, but only sometimes! Sound familiar? The conversation I hear almost every day is how we need our homes […]

5 reasons to say YES! to your interiors project

We all have so many emotions about our homes right? What I love about working in interiors is helping, making a difference to the way a person, a couple or a family feel in their homes. Afteral, it’s your home – permanent, night and day – and looking after our surroundings is surely as important […]

Showcase – Hipahipa! Lamps

As a musician and artist I have a constant desire to create new things. I am always looking to what I can make next, trying to work out the details and how to find the components. With Hipahipa! Lamps I hope to raise the bar from fabric covered shades and make them works of art […]

3 great reasons to work together

Interior design can help in so many ways Here are just a few that come to mind today. Have you just moved and your dream home is not feeling very dreamy at all. You’re just praying that all the work you’d like to do it’s not going to turn into nightmare. Get in touch and […]

Showcase – Skill of a furniture maker

Skill and craftmanship Anthony Jackson designs combine carefully selected, and often rare, woods and veneers with other trusted materials to create unique furniture that displays the very highest standards of traditional craftsmanship. An early training in mechanical engineering has provided an insightful understanding of manufacturing techniques and material properties. Anthony’s over-riding interest in design aesthetics, […]

Remember to K.I.S.S

What a great mantra for 2017 K.I.S.S – Keep it simple silly! It’s a new year and time for those gorgeous interiors ideas to take shape. I get that tackling your home can feel scary and exciting. You know things are going to get pretty messy and you’re hoping that it’s going to look great […]

Capturing that perfect feeling of ‘at home’

We should love being at home right? It’s our sanctuary, the space that suits us and our families perfectly, isn’t it? Yet often the train of thought I hear from clients the most is “Yes our home’s OK, well, it could be a whole lot better if only we could find the time, decide what […]

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