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I’m working from home as I write this blog…

In recent years, my home has become my work place and occasionally it’s my partner’s too. Two of us working from home but only one office. My office, but only sometimes! Sound familiar?

The conversation I hear almost every day is how we need our homes to be flexible and able to change over time; to feel more organised, more technical and wired up, less busy, to grow with the family and accommodate so much more.

I was just chatting to a friend and they said they need their home to be their office, a place to entertain as well as a sanctuary and a somewhere to relax.

Wow, it’s a lot isn’t it. How dynamic can our homes be?

For some of us this is because the home is an important, grounding place and for others of us it just needs to be a place that works. Whatever the reason, there’s little doubt that we need our homes to wear lots of different hats.

I need my home to work well for toddlers and then for teenagers alike and to morph into a social club at a moment’s notice.

When clients talk to me about what they’d like from their homes, the list is changing and growing. Before we get around to talking about aesthetics the focus is almost always about functionality and practicality.

Most people would like a plan for our house to be able to cope with my grown up kids for a while and maybe elderly relatives too.

A way to try to get your home to meet these demands with as much ease and harmony as possible is to talk to Interiors by Georgie. Let us help you plan and manage your space for both the short and long term.

No matter what your home is like, there is almost always potential for change and improvement.

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