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Henri Matisse said “Creativity Takes Courage”

Without delving into the creative process, the risk is that you end up with something very  ‘vanilla’, off the shelf, someone else’s vibe.

Maybe it doesn’t matter, but I tend to think that when a client has gone to the lengths of planning and affording a property renovation, then being as creative as possible, within their parameters, is the least I can do.

So to explore this further I just took time out to do a course. No, not the joy of accountancy – sorry accountancy people – but Creativity & Concepts.

I must be mad. Do I have the time to do this, can I afford this cerebral luxury and what good is it going to do me and my business anyway?

Unique ideas for you

Well, thank God I went. It was fantastic and it reminded me of the reasons why I love what I do: how very valid the creative process is in interior design and how, by thoroughly and unapologetically delving into this practise, helps get the very best out of me for YOU.

These are raw and wonderful skills that I need in order to come up with bespoke and unique ideas for you.

And that’s really the thing about using an interior designer or interior decorator – we are here to not only give you what you want but to explore, push and challenge what you like to take you further. So that you end up with an interior design scheme that is inventive, original and yours.

Not just the courage to go wild.

Not just the courage to go wild, it can be to go understated or just the courage to let other people get a little insight into who you are.

I really want to know about you before I start work. What do you love, what do you hate? What inspires you and what leaves you cold? What kind of art gallery or restaurant would you choose? What’s your favourite city and why why why…? This is the only way I can get insight into your tastes and the best way to pull together ideas that reflect back your unique personality and character into your project.

Interior design and decoration with Interiors by Georgie  is collaborative.

Think of all the fun we’d have, permission to get out there and immerse yourself in images, colour, online resources, samples, pattern and all sorts of loveliness.

As with most things, so much of the guidance and work comes from the thinking and preparation. Including proper time for the creative process is completely valid and exciting. It’s the only way it can work, especially at the start. It’s later on that we get into pulling it together, making a cohesive and strong scheme that can be rolled out across your home, all at once or implemented bit by bit when you’re ready.

It’s so easy to make it happen!

Call me on 07919 270223 and tell me why your home is on your mind. That’s really is all it takes, a first conversation and that first conversation is FREE.

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