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Don’t feel held back by your interior design or decoration project!

Coming home to a space that is everything you want and need it to be is the best feeling. To love your home and to look forward to spending time there, by yourself or with friends and family, is how it should be.

Most of the clients I work with are doing everything right in their lives –

Eating healthily, exercising, family is good and work is going well but they have a feeling of discontent every time they go home.

And in my experience, the feeling won’t go away until they address their interior design needs.

And I love specialising in exactly this; working closely with my clients to bring out what’s in their minds and reflect this back to them in their homes. I feel this is genuinely offering well-being through design – to replace the feeling of ‘discontent’ with one of excitement and happiness every time they open the front door.

It’s incredibly normal to feel unsure about what you’d like or what you need. There’s so much out there in the media, it’s difficult to cut through it all and be confident in knowing what’s important for YOU and your project.

NEW for 2018

I’ve tried to go even further to help you with your decisions. I’ve simplified my packages so that’s there’s something for everyone. Below gives you an idea of what I offer

• Design Consultation
• Concepts & Colours
• Concepts, Colours & Illustrations
• Sourcing and so much more

For more information on my interior design and decoration packages visit my services pages<

See you next time!

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