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From entire property renovations to a few rooms, we’re here to ensure that your space works well and feels right.

Clients choose our services because we’re adaptable and flexible to fit in with busy lives, bringing your creative interior design project to life.

At Interiors by Georgie we look at broadening the realm of interior design and decoration. We will focus on an entire renovation projects as well as a few rooms.

Below you’ll see we’ve tried to breakdown our work so that it’s understandable to our clients. Here are the the services we offer. To talk through these packages call 07919 270223 or email us.

Remember your initial one hour consultation is FREE. Discounts can be offered on all products purchased through Interiors by Georgie.

  • Design Consultation

Great if you’re considering a refresh at home and wanting to talk through your plans, if you’re tackling tricky areas or in need of trouble shooting certain problems like lighting or layout. Typically this involves a meeting followed up with a comprehensive set of notes and some recommendations emailed to the client.

  • Concepts & Colours

This package gets into the detail of the project. After our initial meeting the you will receive 2 mood boards which highlight the different styles you are interested in bringing out in your project. You will then be given 1 set of unique and creative concepts for your particular scheme. These concepts will be presented using sensational colour and product boards.

  • Concepts, Colours & Illustrations

This is a very comprehensive package and builds on the Concepts & Colours work. Understanding visually how your home can be transformed and where furniture, lighting and accessories will go is a big part of the interior design process. This work is essential to any interiors project and allows the client to see and agree full room layouts.

Be prepared to work closely with us, we need to get to know you and your tastes. You can expect bespoke mood boards followed by colour and product boards and a fabulous 3D illustration showing all the detail of your proposed project.

  • Implementation

An implementation package is offered by Interiors by Georgie. Typically this involves overseeing all the processes needed to carrying out the interior design work. Price depends on the extent of work, trades involved, estimated timescales.

  • Product Sourcing

If you would like particular items sourced for your home, from antique furniture, 1960s lighting or vintage sofas, Interiors by Georgie will use their bank of suppliers and contacts to source whatever you need. You only need to ask! This can be done either with the client or we will manage this on our client’s behalf.

  • Illustrations & Modelling only

We can offer clients an illustration and 3D modelling service only. Please call us in order to talk through how this can be achieved successfully for you.

  • Investment

Interior design is our passion and our expertise. We have more than 9 years experience and all of that knowledge is invested in each and every client. From the moment we are engaged by a client we offer fantastic experience from the interior design process to choosing the products, passing on discounts and being able to predict the highlights and the hurdles well in advance.

We want our clients to feel comfortable, to feel in control and to be happy. Improving your home should be exciting and inspiring, not stressful. We can work at your own pace, we will guide and demystify the interior design process and help you realise the potential of your home.

Interior design and decoration is an investment in your property and your quality of life at home. It can be a time consuming process to undertake, we like lots of input from the client, and it’s always worth the end result.

Whatever your design query, call 07919 270223 or email us.

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