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Georgie Payne

Interior design is in my blood.

My grandfather had textile mills, my grandmother tied bows around hand-made hangers, my father manufactured commercial interiors, my aunt writes about interiors and my mother has antiques flowing through her veins.

My version of interior design is unique to me and it wholeheartedly belongs with well-being. The changes we make to our home or work environments can bring about long lasting and positive change to lives. Not only do I want people to feel better in their environments I know it’s essential to provide a sense of well-being by being supportive through process of change. This starts by taking a genuine interest in who the clients are, to helping navigate the building works to the lighting of the scented candle at the end.

The environments in which we live and work have a profound influence on our physical and psychological well-being.

I’ve also come to realise that the way I approach interior design comes from experiencing mental illness and depression. Not my own, I’m fortunate enough to say, but depression has deeply affected various people in and around my family and I have needed to find a way to offer something to help. Living with or close to depression is a real challenge but I really believe that environments can have a positive effect on well-being and mood.

I started out some 6 years ago, working as much as I could whilst being a mother of 2. It was exhausting and rewarding. In that time I’ve come to realise what’s important to me and to my business; developing an interiors business that puts well-being as its ultimate goal is exactly that.

Well-being starts with the act of getting in touch, sharing ideas, creativity and making plans that lead to long lasting, positive change..

Most people will come to me because my design ethos resonates with them. Perhaps they live in properties that are not providing them with what they need emotionally or practically; or maybe they have come to realise their therapeutic treatment space does not show the respect, support and collaboration to their clients they would like them to. No matter what’s on your mind, whatever your reasons are for wanting some interior design help – they are all valid and we’d love to hear from you.


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